Grower Champagne

Want to discover more about the world of "grower" Champagne? This case is the perfect introduction. Grower Champagne is these days the ONLY Champagne to drink, and here we take you on a journey around some of the best makers of this most classic and joyful drink. Starting with our very own Le Chapitre, made by super-artisan José Lievens in the picturesque village of Berru, we follow with Eric Rodez in the Grand Cru village of Ambonnay - a grower who is not only certified biodynamic but is also someone totally in tune with his vines, even giving them aromatherapy treatment - we know you will enjoy his delicate rosé and buttery Blanc de Blancs. Then it's big personality and cult Instagrammer Frederic Savart's multi-layered Ouverture, a Champagne of grace and power made solely using the Pinot Noir grape; deliciously rare. Completing the collection is Dans Un Premier Temps Brut NV, from bright young mind Adrien Dhondt, who is making a name for himself on some of the finest and most prestigious terroir of the Cotes des Blancs. For any fizz lover, this case of Champagne is NOT to be missed.

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